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tuscany in the fall

5th October 2014

     archway in tuscany, montepulciano, italy

every little alleyway led to amazing views

Where: Tuscany, Italy (mostly Montepulciano)

When: September

With: Miles (husband)

Autumn has always been my favorite season (as long as I’ve lived somewhere where there is an autumn). I love when the leaves change color and the temperature starts to drop. I like cozy sweaters and cute flats and not being too cold, while not being hot, either. There always feels like a lot of promise at the start of fall–I’m wondering what the next months will bring, thinking about the holidays and then the start of a new year.

foliage in tuscany, montepulciano, italy

city center in tuscany, montepulciano, italy

gnocchi pasta dinner in tuscany, montepulciano, italy

to. die. for. gnocchi

September is also the month Miles and I began dating oh-so-many years ago, and the month we got married. We usually take an end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall trip to celebrate our anniversary, while taking advantage of off-peak pricing. For our honeymoon last year, we started in Tuscany… and when the weather started changing this year, that was all I could think about.

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weekend escape: warwick, ny

28th September 2014

Where: Warwick, NY

When: August

With: Husband with friends Jen and Will


Towards the end of last summer, I had this itch to get the hell out of Manhattan and go to a big house somewhere with a pool. That was literally my only criteria. I searched high and low on Airbnb for anything within two hours of the city that had a pool and there was…. nothing. So, I learned my lesson, and in February or something nuts like that, I booked a house with a pool for August. Luckily, we were able to recruit my freshman college roomie and her man to come along and, it turned out, she actually knew the place that I’d picked totally randomly.


Warwick is a small town at the southern tip of Orange County, NY, just about an hour and a half drive from Manhattan. Jen actually has a bunch of family in that area, some of whom were very connected to one of our main points of entertainment… but more on that in a bit.

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exploring stockholm, sweden

22nd September 2014

view of gamla stan from sodermalm in stockholm

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: September

With: Husband

How long: 2.5 days

(this is the third installment of our trip to Scandinavia! Check out Copenhagen part 1 and part 2)

After five awesome, busy, exciting, tiring days in Copenhagen, we made our way to Stockholm. When we were originally planning the trip I thought we might take a train–but after I realized how LONG that was, we decided on the 1-hour flight instead. As is usually the case with European cities, transportation to and from the Copenhagen and Stockholm airports was really easy. We opted for short cabs from the central train stations to our apartments because of our bags and tired feet, but you could easily transfer to a bus or subway to get there, too. Even with a bit of a delay, we still made it to Stockholm by early afternoon, just in time for lunch!

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remaining days in copenhagen, denmark

17th September 2014

Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: September

With: Husband

How long: 5 days total

(this is a continuation — make sure you read the first post about Copenhagen here and our time in Stockholm, here!)

Generally when we visit a new city, Miles and I like to pick a different neighborhood each day to wander around. So for our third day in Copenhagen, we decided to go to Christianshavn because it looked so cute from our boat tour the day before.

streets in copenhagen, nyhavn, enroute to christianshavn

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first days in copenhagen, denmark

16th September 2014

Nyhavn Copenhagen Ship

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: September

With: Husband

How long: 5 days total

(this is the first installment of our trip to Scandinavia! Check out Copenhagen part 2 and our trip to Stockholm, here!)

Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen has long been on my list of places to visit. My obsession with it started probably 5 years ago–the colorful buildings, focus on biking, and, of course, the abundance of minimalist, inspiring Danish design drew me to it. I’d never spoken to anyone else who was interested in going… and once I realized it was one of the top most expensive cities in the world, the dream seemed a little far-fetched. But when my husband began working for a Scandinavian company based in Stockholm, my long-awaited trip fell back on the radar… maybe we could finagle something 🙂

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weekend escape: hudson, ny

5th September 2014

Hudson River view in Hudson, NY

old home in Hudson, NY

Where: Hudson, NY

When: June

With: Husband

In June, I decided it would be fun to do a quick weekend trip upstate to Hudson, NY. I knew little about the town, as usual–I think I read about it in a New York Times article or simply found a lot of cute Airbnbs there [and there are, seriously, a ton! Plus all the hosts seem to split their time between Hudson and Brooklyn, as painters or writers or other artists… right up my alley]. And there is a ton of vintage shopping, too, which is one of my favorite ways to explore a new location.

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a weekend in st. barths

4th September 2014

beach view in st. barths isle de france

sunset cruise boat ride in st. barths isle de france

Where: St. Barths

When: end of May

With: Husband and family

One thing we rarely do is take a typical beach vacation. I don’t love actually getting in the ocean (but I do like to look at it, with a cocktail in hand!). We tend to save our money by doing the beach-thing at my parents’ home in Florida, rather than buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel room somewhere else. So I’d almost forgotten just how awesome it could be… until we were invited on a family trip to St. Barth’s.

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the nomad

3rd September 2014

Where are you from?


This didn’t used to be such a complicated question, but I feel hesitant when I try to answer these days. Some people say where you’re “from” isn’t where you lived the longest, or live now, but where you were born, or where you went to high school. For me, most of these key points happened in different places. I was born and lived for the longest time (so far!) in California. I went to high school in Florida and still visit my parents there often. I moved to NYC for college and have been living here ever since (coming up on 9 years!). So I’ve started feeling more like a nomad, with homes and shallow-to-deeper roots in a handful of places.

That might be why one of my favorite hobbies now is traveling–and travel is something I define loosely. It can be a 2-week long honeymoon trip to Italy, or a barely 2-hour drive to a little known town in upstate New York for an overnight stay. Whatever it is, I treat it like an adventure, an escape, and opportunity to see and learn about a new place–and about myself. I love exploring AirBnb for cool abodes and finding inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. Most of my travel destinations begin as a non-specific NEED to go to a random-seeming place and I generally have little agenda besides a restaurant or a flea market to start.

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the ride–and share your own adventures with me, too!

OK, let’s go for it.