Between Cities is a blog about belonging anywhere and everywhere–finding escapes in the biggest and smallest of adventures.


I’m Laura, the author behind Between Cities. I live in NYC, but come from.. well, who knows (read about that here).  I love to travel near and far, mostly exploring food, wine and cute shops. My husband, Miles, is my frequent companion–and the resident foodie/chef.

I love learning about new places to visit–so please share your own links or suggestions, too!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ashim

    Hi Laura

    I envy your life! amazing! we are in fashion business and I think you and I are connected on LinkedIn, don’t ask me how, but I remember getting an invitation from you while you were at J. Crew and I accepted it. But had no communication with you after that! strange!

    anyways, just a question about your bag in the photo (with icecream!) where did you buy it?

    thanks and all the best

    1. lauralennon

      thanks! good to hear from you. glad you’re liking the blog. i got that bag at a small shop in hudson, ny!


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