weekend escape: warwick, ny

28th September 2014

Where: Warwick, NY

When: August

With: Husband with friends Jen and Will


Towards the end of last summer, I had this itch to get the hell out of Manhattan and go to a big house somewhere with a pool. That was literally my only criteria. I searched high and low on Airbnb for anything within two hours of the city that had a pool and there was…. nothing. So, I learned my lesson, and in February or something nuts like that, I booked a house with a pool for August. Luckily, we were able to recruit my freshman college roomie and her man to come along and, it turned out, she actually knew the place that I’d picked totally randomly.


Warwick is a small town at the southern tip of Orange County, NY, just about an hour and a half drive from Manhattan. Jen actually has a bunch of family in that area, some of whom were very connected to one of our main points of entertainment… but more on that in a bit.

The four of us met up on a summer Friday afternoon and set out on our way. Jen had access to her parents’ car which was key for the trip as it is rather remote. After some trial and error, we made it to our Airbnb location, Pioneer Farm. We found out that our humble abode for the next few days would be half of a converted barn on the farm. The farm also included two larger Victorian houses (one being home to our host), some horse/chicken/rooster friends, a feisty teacup poodle, and, duh, our pool!



At the suggestion of our host, we immediately made our way to Pennings Farm, which was having a Clam and Jam. Don’t ask me what that is… we only saw some of the set up while we sat outside in the beer garden and started off our getaway weekend with some local brews. The weather was perfect, cooler and refreshing compared to the city, and the whole place was super relaxed. Once all the young families started arriving with their little ones, though, (by the way, noted for future…) we headed in to town for dinner. We ate at a burger place called Eddie’s before heading to the local pub, Yesterdays.



On Saturday, we had a farm town breakfast at Country Dream and went on a hike around the property before laying out by the pool. I had slight flashbacks to our Tuscan honeymoon with the green rolling hills and the rustic surroundings! Nothing better than a good book, a jambox, and some low key pool time with friends in the middle of summer.





our host claimed there was a 4-ft turtle in this pond.. we never found him


i mean…



Then… we decided to head to the other main attraction of the weekend for lunch and drinks: Warwick Valley Winery. This is where we got really lucky–since Jen’s cousin works there, we got a bit of VIP treatment even though it was clearly the place to be on a beautiful summer Saturday! We sat outside and ate pizza, drank a bottle of wine, then did a tasting and picked our favorite to sip while strolling through the vineyards. When we had our fill of being active, we laid down on a grassy hill and hung out with the other wine-happy locals. I had been to wine tastings/vineyards in the area before, but this was definitely one of my favorites. There was live music and tons of freedom to roam and chill out. In the fall, there’s apple picking, too–so maybe we’ll try to go back some weekend now that it’s getting cooler!




wine-induced selfie fail

We followed that lazy afternoon with the most amazing ice cream and killer views at Bellvale Farms Creamery before ending the evening with a late dinner back in town at Grappa.

IMG_1139 (1)

On Sunday, Miles drove to New Jersey to get us bagels (what? I don’t understand geography over here) and then we made our way back home.

Warwick was such a fun, easy escape from the city that really gave us a simple, rustic experience. I kind of felt like Carrie Bradshaw when she first went to Aidan’s country home, ha! I would go back again just for the pool… seriously, it met my needs that much. And, with a good crew, it would be so fun to go during the cooler months and snuggle up for a cozy weekend in. I can’t wait to plan our next local friendcation.


EatCountry Dream for a delicious and cheap breakfast

Drink/play: at Warwick Valley Winery and Pennings Farm

Do: Take in the view and awesome ice cream at Bellvale Farms Creamery

Stay: at an Airbnb with outdoor space and bring a car so you can explore neighboring towns


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