a weekend in st. barths

4th September 2014

beach view in st. barths isle de france

sunset cruise boat ride in st. barths isle de france

Where: St. Barths

When: end of May

With: Husband and family

One thing we rarely do is take a typical beach vacation. I don’t love actually getting in the ocean (but I do like to look at it, with a cocktail in hand!). We tend to save our money by doing the beach-thing at my parents’ home in Florida, rather than buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel room somewhere else. So I’d almost forgotten just how awesome it could be… until we were invited on a family trip to St. Barth’s.

beach view in st. barths isle de france

sunset cruise in st. barths isle de france

To be fair, this is about as awesome as a beach vacation could possibly be. St. Barth’s is a glam, French territory in the Caribbean. It isn’t too far from NYC, so we were able to make it for an extended weekend right at the beginning of summer, really kicking off the season in style. In late May, it was quite steamy, but not too crowded. The beaches were incredible–the water was nearly turquoise, the sand was white, and the rosé was ice-cold. Ahhh.

center of town in st. barths isle de franceWe explored the town a bit–mostly for rosé-filled lunches and a bit of a stroll to admire the beautiful colors of the buildings and watch the mopeds go by. Shopping was a mix of island-style and top designer.

town st. barths

caribbean town st. barths

If you ever get the chance to get to one of these islands, it’s worth the (terrifying) tiny little jumper plane.

beach view in st. barths isle de france

Hotel: Isle de France


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